Hi There!

I wanted to let you know about some big upcoming changes at Aralia Natural Medicine. For a variety of reasons, it has become necessary to scale back the frequency with which I visit Marin County. I’ll be sad to get to spend less time physically present in Marin County, as I have really enjoyed working here. I feel so grateful and honored that I got to accompany so many people on a portion of their healing journey. 

I will still be available in person in San Rafael once every 3 months, and will have regular hours available each week for telemedicine (either phone or video chat) follow up visits. In some ways, this will make me more available, not less. 

The laws that govern practice of naturopathic medicine state that in order to maintain a doctor-patient relationship, meaning that I can order labs on your behalf, prescribe substances within my prescribing rights as a doctor in California, and officially treat you for specific conditions, we need to meet in person for a physical exam at least once per year. 

I will also be opening my practice up for tele-health consultations for folks who do not live near by, and will not be able to establish a doctor-patient relationship by seeing me in person once a year. These folks will need to agree to a different set of policies that make it clear that I am not their doctor and cannot diagnose them with any particular condition, order labs on their behalf or treat them for a disease. That said, I can act as a health consultant, provide guidance and make suggestions. They will still be getting the benefit of my experience and expertise as a naturopathic doctor. I will still be able to provide homeopathic consultations in this way as well. 

My next visit to San Rafael will be in early April.

I welcome you to schedule a visit if you’re needing some help with your health goals for 2018. 

If you haven’t already, check out my recent blog post on fevers and colds and the role they play in health. You might be very surprised by this information ; )  The article contains fever safety tips as well. 

Warm wishes, 

Dr. Wood