Hi there,

After nearly 3 years, I will be ending my trips to San Rafael to see patients. I’m sad to let this aspect of my practice go, as it’s been a wonderful experience getting to know each of you and getting to be a part of your healing team. Moving to Olympia, Washington has been a new adventure and my practice here is growing. It feels good to be more settled in one place after so much travel, and the realization has been coming for some months now that I can no longer dedicate the time required to keep up with business trips to California.

I will be conducting my last official trip on February 2nd through 4th, and I would love to see any of you who desire a final in-person visit. After that, you have two options; I will continue to be available for telemedicine follow-ups for the foreseeable future and would be happy to continue working together in that way. I will still be licensed to practice in California and further updates in the telemedicine laws have revealed that I can continue to offer most aspects of naturopathic care from a distance. The only thing I will no longer be able to do is prescribe hormones or pharmaceuticals if we have not seen each other in person for a physical exam for over a year. Alternatively, I am happy to help you find a local ND to take over for me.

I want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your health journey over the past years. I am honored and have felt lucky to know you and provide support for you.

You can click here to schedule a final in-person visit or ongoing telemedicine visits.

My practice continues to be open for tele-health consultations for folks who do not live near my practice in Olympia, Washington, and will not be able to establish a doctor-patient relationship by seeing me in person once a year. These folks will need to agree to a different set of policies that make it clear that I am not their doctor and cannot diagnose them with any particular condition or prescribe medications for them. That said, I can act as a health consultant, provide guidance and make suggestions. They will still be getting the benefit of my experience and expertise as a naturopathic doctor. I will still be able to provide homeopathic consultations in this way as well. 

Warm wishes, 

Dr. Wood