What To Expect

At all visits you can expect to feel heard and understood. I am here to witness your story, to be your translator of medical jargon, your advocate and to teach you about your health. I am honored to be entrusted with your personal story.

What you get:

  • Comprehensive case evaluation: Together we will conduct a thorough investigation of your health concerns

  • Assessment of the patterns, root causes, and obstacles to healing that are preventing you from feeling your best.

  • Customized plan of action tailored to the findings from your case evaluation that is designed to help you feel better, remove obstacles and address those root causes so you can begin to truly heal.

  • Access to advanced functional laboratory testing and expert interpretation

  • Discounts on high quality physician-grade botanical formulas and supplements

  • Access to a personal online health portal: Login to request refills and securely view your treatment plan, lab results and private health records.


Virtual Clients

  • As a client who resides in California, Dr. Wood can order lab testing for you, consult on health concerns and suggest plans of action, which you should discuss with your primary care doctor. She cannot diagnose diseases or conditions if she has not seen you in person in the last year.

Free                Complimentary Introductory Meet & Greet (15 min)    

$300              New Client Virtual Visit (90 min)         

$165              Established Client Virtual Visit (45 min)

$200/hr         Non-urgent Secure Messaging Consult* (Billed in 5 minute increments)

*Established clients only   

Note: To be considered a patient, legally you must be seen by Dr. Wood in person at least once per year for a physical exam. Currently, Dr. Wood is only seeing patients in person in Olympia/Lacey WA.

The Tools of Naturopathic Medicine:

Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Supplementation

I have extensive training in nutrition and I operate from an understanding that what a person eats has profound effects on their health. In my clinical experience, other treatments such as supplements, herbs and homeopathy may have a beneficial effect, but without the foundation of a healthy diet, that effect will be limited. Eating a healthy diet works synergistically with and improves the outcome of virtually any other treatment it is combined with. Many medical conditions may be treated effectively and without side effects using food and nutritional supplements.

Lifestyle Coaching and Stress Management

Other vastly important factors to health include patterns and habits around eating, sleeping, breathing, exercise, mental attitude and emotional state. I empower my patients to tackle change in a sustainable way through lifestyle counseling, stress management techniques and more.  

Botanical Medicine

Plants have powerful healing properties. Many pharmaceutical drugs were initially isolated from plants. I find that whole plant extracts can have powerful healing effects, yet they work in a more balanced way with fewer side effects than isolated drug compounds.


This gentle and effective system of medicine uses very small doses of substances found in nature to stimulate a healing response in the body. Homeopathy has been in use for over 200 years and is widely accepted and employed by both conventional and alternative medical providers in Europe and India. 


Hydrotherapy is the application of hot and cold water to achieve healing effects. These effects occur by increasing circulation of blood and improving delivery of oxygen, nutrients and immune cells to targeted parts of the body. It can achieve rapid and gratifying results for many health conditions. Hydrotherapy has been used for well over 300 years by naturopathic doctors and the forebears of naturopathic medicine.