Frequently Asked Questions

Is naturopathic medicine affordable?

Yes! Because naturopathic medicine focuses on building up your health and prevention of future illness, in the long term your lasting vibrant health will save you money on doctor visits, medications, hospital visits and expensive procedures.

What do I need to bring to my initial appointment?

Please bring a list of your medications and supplements and lab and imaging results performed in the last year.

How long will it take for me to see results?

I wish I could answer this for you, but it depends on a number of factors including how complex your condition is, how long you've been dealing with it, how much time, energy and attention you are willing to devote to treatment, and how well you respond to treatment. 

I work closely with most people for three to six months initially, but they usually start to notice positive changes within the first month. Many people choose to continue with a maintenance plan after the initial phase of treatment to help them sustain the progress they've made. This usually involves check in visits every three to six months. 

Can you be my primary care doctor?

In Oregon:

Yes! I am trained as a primary care provider and can address all of your basic health needs including screening exams, laboratory testing, and care for acute and chronic conditions. NDs tend to approach primary care a little differently however. To me, prevention includes a lot more than just yearly screening exams and lab tests. It's about looking at where your health is at now, what diseases you may be at risk for based on genetics, occupation and lifestyle and actively working together to prevent those diseases from manifesting and to increase your vitality with time. That is what primary care should be about!

In California:

Not yet. Licensure for naturopathic doctors in California is a little more limited currently. Though NDs are trained as primary care physicians, we are not licensed as such in California. These limitations have to do with politics, and will likely shift to full licensure in a few years. In the mean time, NDs can provide excellent healthcare, but cannot bill insurance or prescribe many pharmaceutical and it is important to maintain a relationship with a primary care doctor while you work with an ND. If you are interested in joining in the effort to make full licensure available for Naturopathic Doctors in California, check out the California Naturopathic Doctors Association.

Can you prescribe and manage my pharmaceutical medications?

In Oregon with a few exceptions, I can prescribe and refill your medications including common drugs such as antibiotics, thyroid medication, antidepressants and blood pressure lowering medications. As many of these drugs can have unwanted side effects, I often recommend herbal or nutritional treatments as a first-line side effect-free option unless I feel that a pharmaceutical is truly necessary. I do NOT prescribe narcotics, benzodiazepines, or other controlled drugs. 

In California my license currently allows me to prescribe hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and epinephrine.

Do I have to change my diet?

You don’t have to do anything you’re not ready to do. While eating healthy foods is important, I have many tools at my disposal to help you begin to feel better. Often, as people begin to have more energy, they become ready to tackle changes that seemed impossible before. 

Do I have to stop eating gluten and/or wheat?

It is very important for those diagnosed with celiac disease to completely avoid gluten. Others who do not have this disease still find they feel better if they reduce or remove gluten products from their diet. We will create a plan that meets you where you are at. You don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for.

What type of recommendations might you suggest? 

My favorite tools are herbs (teas and tinctures), nutrition, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy, but as always, your treatment plan will depend on what I think is likely to work best in your case, and what fits well into your life.

Do I have to stop taking my prescription medications? What about interactions between herbs and my prescriptions? 

No, you do not have to stop taking other medications in order to work with me. If you are receiving care from another doctor who has prescribed a medication, I will ask that you speak to them if you are interested in discontinuing this medication. I am trained in herb/drug/nutrient/condition interactions. We will come up with a treatment plan that is safe and effective for your specific concerns and does not interfere with other medications you are taking. 

Do you take cash, check, credit cards? 

Yes to all of the above, including AmEx and Discover.

Do you offer trades?

At this time I am only able to trade for services to my business of equal value to a scheduled appointment.