Autumn Self-Care Reset

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my own root causes are that have the tendency to weaken my system and affect my health.

I often like to do a sort of autumn health reset, and in past years this has taken the form of doing the Whole 30 diet, or some other pre-prescribed dietary and lifestyle plan. This year I wanted something different that was specifically designed for me and tailored to the stresses I am dealing with, and the types of support and good habits I know I need to develop and maintain. 

I wanted to share my plan with you in case you are needing the encouragement to get started on a self care reset of your own. I’m actually focusing fairly little on food, and instead placing my energy on re-establishing other healthy habits that I’ve let slide recently. 

I would love to hear how this lands for you. Are you interested in doing something like this, but tailored to your own needs? Have you done this kind of self care plan in the past? 


For a total of 21 days I will be doing the following:



  • Eat whole foods as much as possible. 
  • No sweets at all.
    • While I don’t eat very many sweets, I do have a sweet tooth, and I know that shifting this pattern of craving something sweet in the evenings would benefit my health. 
  • No alcohol
    • It’s nice to give the liver a break, (even from moderate alcohol consumption) now and then. 
  • One cup of coffee on Saturday and Sunday but none during the week
    • I’m starting to have coffee only as a treat, not as a staple. 
  • No gluten, cane sugar or eggs
    • These are foods that cause problems for me, and I have been consistently avoiding them for some time.

Exercise and meditation:

  • Start each day with at least 15 minutes of meditation and at least 15 minutes of stretching. 
    • This is so crucial for keeping my mind in a calm state and my body feeling good. I already do these things, but I've become a bit inconsistent of late. 
  • Bedtime by 10:30pm every week night and 11:30pm on the weekend.
  • Wake by 7:30am every week day morning and 8:30 on the weekend. 
    • When bedtime and wake time vary too dramatically from the week to the weekend, it throws off your circadian rhythm. I intend to be more consistent about this.
  • Exercise: At least 30 minutes EVERY DAY of some sort of exercise: Dancing, hiking, biking, yoga, high intensity interval training, etc. 
  • Ukulele: play at least 2x per week. Gotta leave time for creativity and music! : )
  • At least 15 minutes per day organizing something. 
    • Little messes and disorganization in my life contribute to my stress. I intend to be more consistent and intentional about de-cluttering my life.

There you have it!

I actually got started two weeks ago, and I feel great. My energy, sense of wellbeing and motivation have improved, my ability to handle work stress has increased, and my sugar cravings have decreased. It’s incredible what happens when you take a deep look at your own root causes and then make strides to change the things you have control over. 

If you would like some help devising a self care reset plan of your own, and some cheerleading and troubleshooting support along the way, please let me know. I’m here to help. 

Wishing you vibrant health, 

Dr. Jennea


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