How can homeopathy help you heal?

(Plus a personal and professional update)


Hello there!

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post. There have been some big changes in my life and the various aspects of my practice (though no changes in my visits to California or my availability for telemedicine consults).

I recently signed a contract to join a lovely clinic in Olympia, Washington and will be moving a few hours farther north in a month and a half. This clinic is highly specialized in digestive health and detoxification, which is such a good fit for me and I’m so excited to get to work with a team of like-minded souls!

In my general approach to practicing medicine, I am always growing, evolving and learning how to better serve each person who seeks my guidance in discovering and addressing the root causes of their health concerns. I have spent many years studying and honing my skill in the use of homeopathy to understand and treat my patients, but I haven’t written much about the topic.

For those who aren’t familiar, homeopathy is a system of medicine using remedies made from natural substances such as plants or minerals to treat disease according to the philosophy of like-cures-like.

Each remedy is made from a single substance, and has certain symptoms and patterns of disease associated with it, which have been discovered through painstaking research and observation. By giving a remedy to a person who is experiencing the same pattern of symptoms, the person’s body is able to make adjustments and move toward greater health. I think of it like this: The remedy is a packet of information describing a stuck pattern that your body is playing out over and over again. When that information gets delivered, your body is able to recalibrate and stop repeating that stuck pattern.

You see, we don’t get sick in random or haphazard ways, but rather in organized, intelligent ways. This is because any illness you may have is actually a manifestation of your body doing its best to respond to stressors in your environment. These stressors could include eating processed, chemical-laden foods, getting fired from a job, going through a divorce, tripping and spraining your ankle, or getting a sunburn. Regardless of the stress, your system’s goal is to protect your most vital organs from harm, to contain and buffer the effects of the stressor, and to ensure your survival. Frequently this process results in symptoms in systems of the body that are less crucial to your survival. Though it can be uncomfortable, this is actually the wisdom of your body at work.

We can sometimes get stuck in certain patterns of thought, emotion or physical symptoms like anxiety, pain, allergies or skin rashes even after the stressor has passed. Homeopathy is the best way I have found to help people shift out of these stuck patterns of disease. And since the remedy is chosen because it fits the whole pattern of illness, not just a single symptom, I frequently see a single remedy producing improvements in mood, cognition AND the physical symptoms that are frequently what has a person seeking my help in the first place. Homeopathy is by no means the only tool I use in my practice, but when I am able to incorporate a well-chosen homeopathic remedy into a person’s treatment plan, I tend to see their health improve in a smoother, more efficient and more profound way.

In future blog posts, I look forward to sharing some cases from my practice demonstrating how this works in real life. In the meantime, I’m sending you wishes for healing and a joy-filled springtime!


Dr. Jennea

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