See What’s in Dr. Wood’s Natural Travel First Aid Kit

I love to travel (This photo is from a trip I took to an island in Cambodia a few years ago), and I also like to have my medicine kit handy so I don’t get stuck without any supplies if I get exposed to some contaminated food or there are way more mosquitos than expected.

Today I wanted to share with you what’s in my natural travel first aid kit.

I’m including SKUs for the products through my online store to make it easy to find and purchase products from reliable sources. You’re welcome to order what you need through my Fullscript online store, or just use this list as a guide when preparing for your travels.

Wishing you delightful summer travels.

With love,

Dr. Wood

1. Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is great for soaking up toxins and removing them from your body. This is very important during a bout of food poisoning or traveler’s diarrhea because those terrible symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea are usually caused by toxins manufactured by disease-causing bacteria. A standard dose is to take 2 capsules every hour until you feel less sick. The maximum dose would be 14 capsules in a day. Don’t take activated charcoal within a couple hours of of your medications, as it will prevent your medicine from absorbing into your system. Fullscript SKU Code: ITI-70656

Brand: Integrative Therapeutics Activated Charcoal

2. All Purpose Salve

This one is great for all sorts of scrapes, small wounds and bug bites and really helps the skin heal faster. The ingredients calendula and comfrey are wonderful herbs that promote healing and prevent infection. Fullscript SKU Code: WWH-1APSA

Brand: Wise Woman Herbals - All Purpose Salve

3. Para-gard:

If you are traveling somewhere with a higher than usual risk of contaminated food, consider bringing a product like paraguard and taking 2-3 capsules before meals to help prevent infection with bacteria or parasites that cause travelers diarrhea. Fullscript SKU Code: ITI-136008

Brand: Integrative Therapeutics - Para-Gard

Arsenicum album 30c homeopathic:

This homeopathic is a good fit for many cases of food poisoning or traveler’s diarrhea.  Dose: 3-5 pellets dissolved under the tongue after each bout of diarrhea or vomiting. If you don’t notice any improvement after taking 3 doses, stop taking the remedy. Fullscript SKU Code: BOI-76131

Brand: Boiron - Arsenicum Album

4. Shelf-Stable Probiotic:

Probiotics are vital when travelling in regions with a high risk of traveler’s diarrhea to help replenish healthy gut bacteria. Fullscript SKU Code: OHM-474030

Brand: Ortho Molecular Products - Ortho Biotic 100

5. Ginger:

This is a great digestive aid and soothing remedy for nausea from any cause, whether it’s from unfamiliar food, motion sickness or high altitudes. Carry a few tea bags, ginger candy or ginger capsules with you and use as needed for nausea. Fullscript SKU Code: THO-SF820 OR YGT-420063

Brand: Thorne Research - GingerPro OR Yogi Teas - Ginger Tea

6. Arnica Gel:

Apply this homeopathic gel to bruises or achy muscles to speed healing. Fullscript SKU Code: BOI-35594

Brand: Boiron - Arnicare Arnica Gel

7. Insect Repellant:

With rising rates of chronic Lyme disease, or when traveling in regions with endemic malaria, keeping the bugs off is crucial. Try a lemon eucalyptus bug spray instead of DEET. You can make your own or purchase the cutter brand.

8. Zinc Oxide Based Sunscreen:

There are a number of nasty chemicals found in non-mineral sunscreens, so I always go for the mineral based ones. Here are a few of my favorites: See here and here or Fullscript SKU Code: BAD-47405BLK

Brands: Devita Solar Body Moisturizer, Alba Botanica Very Emollient Mineral Sunscreen - Sport or Badger Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Tint SPF 30. 

9. Aloe Vera Gel:

If your skin gets a little over baked despite your best efforts, it’s always nice to have some aloe gel with you to help sooth and heal your skin. Fullscript SKU Code: NOW-7508

Brand: Now - Aloe Soothing Gel

10. Reishi Mushroom Extract

If your travels will take you into the mountains, preparing for the high altitude will serve you well. Consider taking reishi capsules starting 15 days before you are scheduled to travel to high altitudes. Fullscript SKU Code: HOS-NCGL120

Brand: Host Defense - Reishi Capsules

Note: These are all products I have used personally and trust. I do make a small commission if you choose to order products through my store. If you are a current patient, your account is already set to give you a 15% discount off of your purchase.

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