Dr. Wood is no longer conducting in person naturopathic appointments in California. If you are a California resident, she is still available for telemedicine appointments and can serve you with most aspects of naturopathic and homeopathic care from afar. if you live in Washington or travel there regularly, come see Dr. Wood at Tummy Temple in Olympia/Lacey.

Ready for a shift in your health?

  • Do you think about your health problems and feel lost and confused?

  • Do you find that you react to medicines and supplements in different and more sensitive ways than most people?

  • Have you been told by a doctor that your labs look great, but you don't feel great?

  • Do you wish you could find someone who will listen to your story and help you unravel the root causes of your illness?

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Hi. I'm Dr. Jennea Wood, a licensed naturopathic doctor. I believe that human beings become kinder, more generous, more whole people when they feel healthy and taken care of. I became a doctor in order to help people reclaim ownership of their wellbeing and achieve vibrant health. 

I hope to get to know you.


Dr. Wood